Got Joy?

Have you noticed how fast the pace of the world is as we coast into the “end” of the Mayan Calendar era? Time has certainly accelerated and is evident every day as technology, deadlines and the general “busy-ness of daily life bombard us I have my feet planted in what at times feels like two distinct worlds-my Corporate job and the Spiritual work I do to serve the community, in my own way, sharing with all of you what crosses my path toward living life in balance
and with passion/purpose.

I recently made the conscious intention to bring more JOY into my life. Life can feel heavy at times as we are all face with so many challenges: relationships, financial, health, loss of loved ones, betrayal, the list goes on. And if your life is anything like mine, you are probably juggling the entire list all at once! So how does JOY find room to enter into this crowded field? (more…)


Sustainability to grow your life

Personal Sustainability

The concept of sustainability has many meanings in today’s world. To many it corresponds to the healing and care of our planet, local and global environmental initiatives to help us leave the world in a better place. The concept of leaving a light footprint on our world through a mindfulness of what we consume, how we dispose of waste, care for the air and water we breathe, and co exist with the natural elements that have been gifted to us by Great Spirit, is the core of the word sustainability. (more…)


Yoga is a best medicine for healthy life

Cougar Yoga
Forty Lifetimes of Healing in Forty Days

My book, Cougar Yoga, is a brutally honest, yet (hopefully) inspiring, story about accepting my yoga teachers challenge of beginning a forty day consecutive yoga practice, which turned into a daily lifelong practice. In the Native American Spiritual tradition the cougar as a totem animal or animal ally represents leadership, courage and finding a place where one can be, as author Wayne Dyer states , “independent of the good opinions of others”.



I walk the “Good Red Road” as our Native American teachers describe…the path of the One Hearted people. Walking One road, yet in Two very different worlds! This became evident to me after attending a special ceremonial weekend up in Jackson Well Springs, Oregon at the first ever Pranafest Yoga and Kirtan music festival. ( My friends Paul Andrews and Janet Marley produced the festival and my retreat company, Red Road Retreats,( was one of the sponsoring companies.
The festival drew together a divergent group of people from all over the world… divergent, yet each one sharing a common bond of love for humanity and fostering a spirit of universal good will. The common bond was quite simply, come together to express that LOVE through sound, through yoga, through community. (more…)

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