Sedona, Arizona

1622603_416868651791732_1737488113_nI have been journeying to, living in, and around Sedona for over 25 years, and have been blessed to share the mystical wonders of the land here with many beautiful souls, who also, have been called to this sacred place. To the Native American people having inhabited these lands for many generations, Sedona represents the Mother, a living breathing being, which reminds us of our connection to this great Earth we inhabit as her guest. Sedona is known as one of the great power centers on the planet because of the vortex energy centers (there are many more than those frequently publicized) present here.  Sedona is predominately of a yang or masculine energetic, as evidenced by vortexes like Bell Rock, while yin vortexes abound in areas like Oak Creek Canyon and the majestic, often photographed, Cathedral Rock. My favorite vortex, if one can truly have a “favorite” here, is the largest balanced vortex region located in the Seven Canyons, Secret or Boynton Canyon area.  Sedona calls to many who are being guided by their own deep inner knowing as an important cornerstone on the path of awakening, consciousness and healing. It is wise to approach a journey here with reverence, humbleness, “technology free” and with an open heart. Whatever it is in your life that is nudging you to get your attention, will become quickly heightened here, so you then may acknowledge it and embrace it with love.

If you are ready to take a deep dive within, to heal and balance energies that are asking for integration, to come home to the heart, Sedona will call you. If you are reading these words, then she already has!

I look forward to sharing this land with you, sharing sacred ceremonies, breath, yoga, chanting, sweat lodge, medicine wheel, drumming, Reiki, energy healing, guidance, and all that your journey here will reveal from the moment you step upon these sacred lands.

Namaste~ Mitakuye Oyasin*

*Mitakuye Oyasin (All Are Related) is a phrase from the Lakota language. It reflects the worldview of interconnectedness held by the Lakota people of North America. The phrase translates in English as “all my relations.” It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys.

Kauai, Hawaii

16377_210782579067008_2100280703_nWhile Sedona offers its own unique vortex energy power spots that offer an opportunity to experience yin or Goddess energies, yang or masculine energies and a combination of balanced yin/yang energies, there is another sacred place on the planet that also combines all three energetic centers and that is on the Hawaiian islands. There is a triangulated lay line or energetic grid that surrounds the planet and one of the most powerful connection points on this specific triangle is that between Sedona, Kauai and Mt Shasta. Having spent many years on spiritual retreat

Journeying between these points, I have found them to be three of the most powerful places one can go to enhance the activation of ones own heart center, call for vision, clarity of purpose or simply to bask in the calm waters each affords when approached with an open heart and open mind in a place of allowing the communication of spirit to be the guide.

Kauai and much of the Hawaiian islands are dominated by a feminine energy, while Sedona is predominately more masculine. While many go to Kauai for the surrounding Pacific Ocean that envelops the island, Sedona itself has been submerged many times over it’s 300 million plus years of geological activity and earth changes. (To learn more click the link for the Colorado Plateau and Moggiollan Rim)

In Kauai, the Garden Island, the verdant mountains of Anahola, said to be the portal souls that are departing this plane of existence pass through, is said to be the perfect place for one to deepen ones spiritual connection.

The perfect place to stay and retreat within on the island of Kauai is Shambhavan.

Nestled deep in the forest far from the highway, on an unmarked dirt road that is known only to those that “know”, is the most welcoming and beautifully appointed retreat center in the world. Each element of the interior and exterior design was imported and hand selected from India by the owner creating a comfortable home like vibe amidst the priceless artwork and tapestries depicting Hindu deities and murtis that lovingly watch over the guests.

A traditional and simply yet purposeful Ayurvedic healing center with remedies and healers from India graces the entrance to your journey. One can elect to experience a complete panchakarma cleansing regimen or simply experience gentle Samadhi hot oil on the forehead treatment to honor ones inner vision.

Come experience the inner solitude, the nature of Kauai, as it envelopes your soul!