Personal Concierge Services

Red Road Retreats

Your personal concierge for a spiritual journey customized just for you.

IMG_4609For all of us the path differs…

Many people come to Sedona each year for many reasons…some to experience the beauty of the red rocks and some to come and find what it is they are looking for by going within.

The team at Red Road Retreats has been visiting and living in Sedona for over 20 years. Our personal connection with the community and the land allows us to provide you with a spiritual experience created just for you.

Think of us as your personal consultant and concierge because we can take care of all aspects of your trip or if you prefer, only parts of your journey as we design an itinerary specifically tailored for your specific needs.

Our services and partners include:

  • bulletHiking through the red rocks is very healing. We can provide a personal hiking tour guide to take you to sacred places, ruins and vortexes. The hiking tours vary from an easy stroll to more strenuous depending upon your ability.
  • bulletAngel card reading, past life reading and other spiritual guidance with vetted readers who can help you with clarity and healing.
  • bulletCrystal readings and serve as your guide to help you find the crystals you want at retailers who provide the best quality and assistance.
  • bulletHost a medicine wheel ceremony with an experienced shaman. This ceremony can be done with one person or a group.
  • bulletIMG_4612Experience a sweat lodge with a local Native American who has been trained by his ancestors on this very sacred ceremony. In keeping with tradition participation in a sweat lodge is by donation only.

If your journey to Sedona is more for relaxation and site seeing, Red Road Retreats can provide referrals and secure reservations at the best hotels and spas on your behalf.

We Enrich Your Sedona Experience

To create a Sedona experience just for you please contact us at 888-948-5599.
Concierge fees will be estimated upon the services contracted.