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The Good Red Road

Corporations are living, breathing entities. They are comprised first and foremost with their most important asset-the people that work within them. How do corporations obtain the most quantifiable results, creativity, collaboration and positive energy from their workforce? How does one simply say “thank you” for the work you do, for your contribution to the whole, to the day-to-day betterment of the organization?

Corporate Workshop at Ojaj

   Red Road Retreats knows corporate! Our core team is comprised of corporate executives that know the ins and outs of organizational structures, human resources, productivity goals, sales, marketing and the all-important bottom line. We also know how the Corporate Creative matrix is best enhanced and blended with a retreat agenda that gives everyone a voice resulting in an experience that is quantifiable.

Corporate Workshop

   We integrate and tailor your agenda to meet the organizational objectives while we help your teams grow and find personal balance. These priceless skills return to the office elevating morale, creative problem solving and loyalty.

Let us aid you in planning your next Corporate Workshop, Board Retreat or Memorable Customer Experience retreat. Give us one day, three or more and we guarantee you will return transformed, renewed and recharged!