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Every Real Estate broker thinks they are the best at representing their clients in either finding the perfect home or selling an existing property. Most are, but in my experience, one firm stands out because they are willing to employ unconventional tactics to close even the most difficult deal. That firm is LA Lofts Realty, in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

I encountered the firm when one of the Partners contacted me to help them with a very difficult property that had been on the market for many months, without a single offer. No amount of open houses, advertising, social media or traditional sales tactics were working. It was time to look into the deeper meaning as to why this loft had not sold. The firm’s Partner, Jim White, called me and offered me the opportunity, through the use of Feng Shui, to provide a consultation for his client to see if, together, we could uncover any hidden blockages of energy that were preventing the loft from selling, Jim arranged the meeting one Saturday afternoon, made the introduction to his client, and left us alone together to see if we could locate the block!

The owner, “Mr. B”, was a single gentleman in his mid- seventies, who was at best, somewhat skeptical of the meeting in the first place. As we talked and broke the ice a bit, he realized that it felt “safe” enough to proceed with the analysis of his property.

One of the first things I look for in the home tour is the amount of clutter that may or may not be present, the directional compatibility of the home to the owner’s specific and individual Feng Shui Four Pillars chart, which is used in Traditional Compass Feng Shui, to identify a person’s favorable or auspicious directions (we each have 4) and inauspicious directions (again, we each have 4) Often simple tweaking of directional harmony will create a noticeable shift in a person’s energy and gain the desired result.

We talked about what was going on in his life, his family dynamics, work situation as a successful entrepreneur and future goals, which were revealing. He had a daughter that didn’t want him to sell his property, and her energy was “clinging” to the space. Energy is everywhere, whether we have the “gift” of sight to “see” it in motion third dimensionally, or not; it exists. His daughter’s desire to “hang on to the home” and her feelings of entitlement toward the asset, became a factor in blocking the flow of energy brought about by prospective buyers. They would come by, tour the space, like it, yet leave feeling like something was off and move on to another deal.

Further discussion led Mr. B to reveal that one of his dreams for the use of the space was to finally have enough room and a single table large enough to hold his entire family for Thanksgiving dinner. We were in late August, so I made a mental note of that wish and intuitively knew that no amount of work we would do would override this desire. The property would not sell until after the holidays and until Mr. B’s daughter would let go.

As we continued to walk the space, I noted that everything was in clean and tidy order, with very little clutter. We agreed to clear some dried flowers in the “wealth position” on the property and relocate some very expensive art that had sharp weapons on it to another location besides the “helpful people” area, replacing it with happier art of people celebrating life together. A small lipstick mirror was placed above the threshold of the bathroom door facing out to help with the circulation of positive chi flow in the space. The bathroom’s location in the wealth corner was not the best for the flow of abundance in general, but cures were implemented to offset this situation including the mirror, keeping the toilet seat down and the addition of a plant above the water closet.

The kitchen was our next stop. I have seen many properties that have butcher block knives on the counter, especially in homes with good chefs! I generally prefer them to be put away in the cabinet, which we did here, as the knife is symbolic of “cutting” energy, including the “good things” one is choosing to attract, in this case a buyer for the property.

Mr. B by this time was getting into the flow of our time together, and took an active role in smudging the property. This is a method of clearing stagnant energies used by the Native American shamans and now us everyday folk. A white sage wand is lit above an abalone shell and using circular motions, with windows wide open, the space is cleared. After the smudging I used the properties of a special crystal singing bowl to infuse the space with this high vibrational frequency. Mr. B found this step particularly soothing and comforting. It was our way of “sealing” the energetic changes we had created together for his space.

When we concluded our time together, Mr. B felt relieved, and armed with some new insights and information to help him with the process of “releasing” his home to the next buyer so he could prepare himself for the next adventure on his own journey.

As he closed the door behind me, I knew the home would sell, and it did. I also knew that the timeframe would be after his holiday gathering, which it was. The new owner is thrilled with her new Downtown LA loft and Mr. B is sailing around the world. Much like the sea turtles that swim near his boat with their shell/home on their backs, Mr. B’s new home is the next port on the map of life.

Lori Tierney, IIDA
Interior Designer and Feng Shui consultant


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