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Maui Blog January 21, 2013 Aloha from Lumeria Maui

As the plane flew over the Western Maui bay and banked to the left I felt the energy of the whales, the record keepers below and sure enough I glanced out the portal window and there were two humpback whales beneath us escorting our plane to the island. This trip was one of many I had taken to Maui to “experience” the island prior to welcoming our next retreat group in April. Our destination—Lumeria Maui—is the recently opened and perfectly renovated retreat facility owned by my long time friend, author and interior designer, Xorin Balbes.

From the moment one drives up the winding Baldwin Avenue by Pa’ia and enters the wooden gates of Lumeria Maui, one immediately feels the “sacredness” of this 1,200 acre sanctuary. No detail has been left unturned, from the lush landscaping to the sumptuous down bedding atop deep wooden poster beds in every room. This is no ordinary resort-the intentional design of the property is to house guests and feed their souls as they relax and spend their days here partaking in daily yoga, meditation led silently by a local Zen master, lomi lomi massages, reiki, farm to table meals and for the more adventurous, colonics and a 7 to 14 day tailored Pancha Karma detox programs. (an ancient ayurvedic treatment)

I arrived late in the evening after a long drive from the west side of the island, having booked my flights into the most distant airport so I could experience all facets of the island. As I pulled up to the guest check in a young man asked me to move my car because he was holding the space for another white car like mine. I was happy to oblige and then had a laugh when I saw the next white sedan pull into my space and recognized Ram Dass as he exited his vehicle. I took this as a good sign for the start of the journey.

The Sanctuary at Lumeria Maui was bustling that night as the community had gathered to hear a spiritual lecture that drew even the master of yoga himself, Ram Dass. The room is rich with deep wooden floors, thick carpets, sacred art work, and gorgeous furnishings. A large statue of the Goddess Kuan Yin greets you in the foyer next to an antique piano and rooms filled with crystals too large to lift. Even though the facility is fairly new, the room is filled with the energy and prayers of the many, many souls who have already graced the space. The vibe is sweet with a sacred calmness.

The purpose of my trip was to meet with Xorin to craft the program we are co-facilitating in April for a group of designers seeking solace and CEU credits for their licensing requirements, mixed with some time to personally go within to find inner peace returning to the mainland with a sense of renewal, rejuvenation and a new depth of knowledge to transfer to their clients.

Xorin’s part of the program includes a deep dive into his eight step “Soul Space” process as outlined in his recently published book by the same name, “Soul Space”. My part includes an introduction to Compass Feng Shui and gentle flow yoga along with the tools for finding balance in a stress-filled, high pace world that are outlined in my book, “Cougar Yoga”. We know this will be a transformational retreat for those attending and we so look forward to sharing the joy of the island with each of you! Mahalo!

For more information on the Soul Space Design CEU retreat contact or visit the web site at Or


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