The Good Red Road

I waok the “Good Red Road” as our Native American teachers describe.. the pathof the One Hearted people. Walking One road, yet in Two very different worlds!

This became evident to me after attending a special ceremonial weekend up in Jackson Well Springs, Oregon at the first ever Pranafest Yga and Kirtan music festival. ( My friends Paul Andrews and Janet Marley produced the festival and my retreat company. Red Road Retreats. ( was one of the sponsoring companies. The festival drew together a divergent groupof people from all over the world… divergent, yet each one sharing a comon bond of love for humanity and fastering a spirit of universal good will. The common bond was quite simply, come together to express that LOVE through sound, through yoga, through community.

The setting for the festival was on 35 acres of Native American cermonial land, on wich one could feel the sacredness with the first step. The property, owned by a Harvard educated MD, is truly a model for sustainable comunityliving, including oranic gardens, beeaviaries, a Goddess Temple, Lakota Sweat Lodge, multiplehealing natural spring water sources, a profoundly sacred Mikvah, nestled up against a mountain with gallons of alkaline PH waters following from ancient stone rock formations.

The usic stage was naturally set under an umbrella canopy of old, old oak trees still green yet with hints of early fall colorations, emerging under the crisp nigt air, Days werewarm under the balzing sunligt and ngts were cool under the powerful full moonlight of the Harvest Moon, also known as the WineMoon or Singing Moon, And sing we did! With kirtan artists and talented musicians including Andres Salcedo, ( C.C. Wite, Deepak Ramparian, Donna De Lory, Ena Vie and Howard Lipp, Govindas and Radha (, Jai Uttal, Wah and many, many more talented singers and avid yogis converging toghther to chant around theclock for three very full days, as sacred mantra music filled the air inakanda fashion (unbroken chanting).

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