Got Joy?

Have you noticed how fast the pace of the world is as we coast into the “end” of the Mayan Calendar era? Time has certainly accelerated and is evident every day as technology, deadlines and the general “busy-ness of daily life bombard us I have my feet planted in what at times feels like two distinct worlds-my Corporate job and the Spiritual work I do to serve the community, in my own way, sharing with all of you what crosses my path toward living life in balance
and with passion/purpose.

I recently made the conscious intention to bring more JOY into my life. Life can feel heavy at times as we are all face with so many challenges: relationships, financial, health, loss of loved ones, betrayal, the list goes on. And if your life is anything like mine, you are probably juggling the entire list all at once! So how does JOY find room to enter into this crowded field?

The answers are as unique as we are as individuals having the spiritual experience we “signed up” to have here at this amazing time of transformation
on Earth. For me, one of the answers revealed itself to me last night as I was
sitting in a weekend Kirtan Intensive Workshop listening to a room full of beautiful souls describe why they chant and repeat through song the divine names called “mantras,” that for thousands of years have been repeated not only in India, but also all over the world. Chanting equals JOY, bliss, love and it just plain feels good. Chanting erases a rotten day, a bad mood, mental stress and all the other not so pleasant experiences that find us everyday. The key though, is frequency and repetition. It is a lifelong practice.

“Retreating” has always been a passion of mine when life feels out of balance or when I am faced with difficult challenges or decisions to make. Sedona, for the past twenty years has been my refuge of choice and the reason why Red Road Retreats came into being. I found such inspiration and peace retreating into nature amongst the sacred red rocks of Northern Arizona, that I wanted to find a vehicle to share it with others! The land there is a place of ceremony and a “call for vision” to the Native American ancestors who call the area home. We share our gratitude and respect for their teachings, their wisdom and for showing us the way to live in harmony with all Great Spirits creations.

Soon we began to branch out and hold retreats in other very special, sacred power centers like Kauai, Maui, Ojai and Joshua Tree, California. Each retreat became a unique gathering of like hearted souls coming together in union to replenish, renew, reinvigorate and recharge from the frenetic pace of daily life.
We include an offering of spiritual practices that we have found enhance balance and are taught by teachers that practice daily what they teach. Whether it is a bhakti yoga class, art therapy, crystal reading, Kirtan, reiki session, medicine wheel, vortex tour or other healing modality, each session is taught with love and grace. We hope you will join our growing family of “Red Road retreat-goers” on our next adventure! Namaste!


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